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Covid, Revenue and Risk

  • September 7, 2021

As we move into fall, gone are the late spring promises of carefree summer fun and back are the threats of breakthrough, long-haul, delta, and other terms that had much different meanings two years ago. Calculating my risk of getting…

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You Don’t Want to Feel This Way

  • July 15, 2021

Have you ever woken up with that queasy feeling in your stomach that something just isn’t right? Like perhaps a growing realization that your business is no longer an industry leader?  That would certainly be a jarring brave new world…

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The Great ReAssessment

  • April 24, 2021

McDonald’s is now focusing on delivery at 30,000 locations? B2B buyers now prefer omni-channel interaction vs the usual way of doing business? What is going on? While much of the world is slowly re-emerging and wondering when everything will return to…

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Change or Die!

  • March 25, 2021

I have always loved the expression “Ride the Horse in the Direction it is Going.”  And for those of you who have tried to turn around a horse that is determined to go back to the barn, you know exactly…

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